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cats, dude.

My cat doesn’t like me working late, I’ve come to find out. He’s a freak…the complete opposite from what you’d expect from a cat. Needy, clingy, super vocal, separation anxiety…..such a little biiiitch sometimes. I love him but he’s NUTS. He knows he’s so cute, he can get away with anything. Even berating me like a paranoid obsessive girlfriend at 6 in the morning. For instance, he turns into the biggest vagina when I get home from working all night, swear to god. Ill walk through the door, and he’ll be sitting in the window sill. He won’t even look at me for five minutes, but when I’m finally nice & cozy in bed about to pass the fuck out, that’s when the craziness starts up. ALWAYS. He’ll be all like meowing and wailing at me like “Where the fuck have you been, bitch? I have been up all night waiting for your ass to get home, who was going to feed me and change my litter if you died blah blah meow meow meoo0000oow.” And his meows…he sounds like I’m stabbing him or doing some fucked up Saw style torture to him, not even cute little kitty meows. No, they are loud, blood curdling, skin crawling wails of extreme cat despair and anguish. The neighbors or people walking by probably think I’m some crazy cat murderer or some shit… thanks to my cat. & all I can do is seriously sit there, trying to calm him the fuck down, telling him over and over again “Wtf chill out dude, I’ve just been at work. Stop freaking out. Omg shut uppppp.” I’ll try to grab him, but he’ll run away from me and will just keep meowing away. He seriously won’t shut up though, until I somehow calm him down enough to pet him till he falls asleep. He really gets legit pissed off. And now I have work again tonight…preparing myself mentally and emotionally for the angry caterwauling to ensue in the morning. I don’t know what’s worse, having a boyfriend or having this neurotic cat.

The best dream of my life.

Iwan Rheon was my boyfriend.

I think I can officially die happy now. 

You don’t think thats fucking legit as hell?

Well then,

you obviously don’t watch misfits, and you are not fucking legit as hell.

and have no room to talk.

aren’t I right, misfits fans?

;) x.

its decided.

I’m re-watching the whole Misfits series, with the original ASBO five. 

<3 its like falling in love all over again….ahhhhhhhhhh.

and no new characters in the new series are going to take that away from meeee.